Alcoholic Side Effects

Although consuming alcohol in moderation has some health benefits, abusing the substance can be harmful. Short and long-term alcoholism side effects are detrimental to your physical, psychological, social, and emotional health. If you’re addicted to alcohol, alcoholism treatment can put you on the path to healing.

Woman on bench who needs to get rehab info

Do You Need to Get Rehab Info?

Addiction is a progressive disease that impacts users and families alike. Without professional help, things will only get worse. However, it’s not too late to turn things around. When attempting to get rehab info from an addiction treatment facility, be sure to ask the following questions. This will give you the best chance at receiving the most comprehensive care possible.

Get rehab info on accreditation
Does the facility have accreditation from an independent governing body?
Get rehab info on health insurance
Do they accept health insurance?
Get rehab info on different levels of care
What levels of care do they offer?
Get rehab info on evidence based therapy
Does the facility offer evidence-based addiction therapies?

Get Rehab Info Now Before It’s Too Late

Are you or someone you loved tired of being stuck in a cycle of addiction?

Take the first step to change. Get rehab info today.